Terms Of Service

We follow certain terms of service while handling our transactions:-

  1. We accept transactions in form of cash, paypal, paytm, google pay, phone pe, any BHIM UPI app etc except card payment.
  2. Any transaction below Rs. 5000/- will be accepted in advance in form of one-time payment before work only.
  3. For transactions greater than Rs. 5000/- , you can choose between two options:

    • Heads Plan :-

      50% payment before the start of work in advance and 50% payment after completion of the work.

    • Tails Plan :-

      25% amount in advance so the project can start and deal is done.

      25% within 7 working days after the start of the project.

      50% final payment after completion of work before deployment.

  4. Maximum number of design changes allowed for any type of design of price greater than Rs. 5000/- is "5". After that, only content changes can be possible. No design changes.