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Responsive Website Design

Crafting Stunning, Mobile-Friendly Websites that Engage Users and Drive Conversions. Elevate Your Online Presence with Our Expert Design Services.

Develop App for IOS, Android, Windows or cross platform

Responsive App Development

Build Seamless, User-Centric Mobile Apps. Enhance Engagement and Performance with Our Expert Development Services for Android and iOS Platforms.

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Reliable, Scalable, and Secure Hosting Solutions. Power Your Website with Ease and Efficiency. Discover Our Comprehensive Domain and Hosting Plans Today!

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Search Engine Optimization

Boost Your Online Visibility and Drive Organic Traffic. Achieve Top Rankings with Our Expert SEO Strategies and Services.


Graphics & Animation

Transform Your Vision into Stunning Visuals. Engage Audiences with Our Expert 2D and 3D Animation and Graphic Design Services.


Social Media Marketing

Amplify Your Brand's Voice. Drive Engagement and Growth with Our Expert Social Media Marketing Strategies and Services.


1. Static -

If you are thinking of just getting a basic representation of your business online, then a static site is best for you. The content of this website doesn't change. It is comprised of pages with links and minimal amount of web programming. So it stays the cheapest among all the sites. All of our Static sites are SEO friendly.

2. Dynamic -

Dynamic sites are a bit costly than static sites since they are comprised of dynamic login panel. You can change the content anytime. The best of the dynamic websites can even contain the payment gateway, the appointment schedule, vendor dashboards etc. Some of the common examples are Google, Oyo, Uber, etc. All of our dynamic websites are SEO friendly.

3. Ecommerce -

Ecommerce sites are like the online store / shop where users can sell or purchase maximum amount of things. These websites are integrated with login panel and payment gateway by default. The items which are being sold on the online store should contain their pictures, amount and should describe all of its features so as to maintain the trust between the shopkeeper and the customer. Also the time under which the item will be delivered to the customer should be provided as mandatory. Some of the common examples of ecommerce sites are Amazon, Flipkart, etc. All of our ecommerce websites are SEO friendly.



Apps are literally more being used these days in comparison to websites since they are mobile friendly and its more easier for users to operate them rather than opening their laptops for a better view of websites ( they are lazy you know ) . Now the apps are even more handy in terms of getting your business done. Since the clients have just to touch few times on their mobile screen and they get their appointment, booking or orders placed. Also your business can reach upto maximum people via cell phones. The apps can be categorised into 5 categories :

  1. Lifestyle apps : Lifestyle apps are those apps which contribute alot in our daily life and once addicted, people really cant step away from using these kind of apps. Since, it makes their liestyle easier and also saves them alot amount of money and time many times, since these apps normally keeps releasing their offers from time to time. These apps helps people to find their next stops, next destination etc. If you are thinking of developing a lifestyle app, you really need some new idea and techniques to help your customer feel amazing with your service. Few examples of this kind of apps are :
    • Uber
    • Tripadvisor
    • Fitness app
  2. Social Media Apps : This is the most popular category of the app which is being used by millions of users daily. People literally stay interested in building their own social networks in an online way. It helps them to keep a check on their social position as well as helps them in comparing their lifestyle with their friend's life style as well as with any other stranger. So many social media apps are being daily released (Facebook being the most popular of them yet). Well, the developers have started integrating their own apps with varous other kinds of features which other social media apps dont provide. It also provides a huge boost to increase their app traffic and growing their business as well as social marketing hand to hand. Examples :
    • Facebook
    • Pinterest
    • Instagram
  3. Utility Apps : The are normally the single functionality apps which provide only one function and most often people use it only when they feel the need for a short duration. For example, a calculator app may only be used when you need to solve some mathematical equation or something like that. For taking the benefit out of utility apps, we should add some more functionalities into them so that the users keep using the apps from time to time. We can also monitize the app afterwards after the increased downloading percentage of people. Examples :
    • Weather
    • Flashlight
    • Automatic caller
    • Alarm
  4. Games / Entertainment Apps : As we all know, games are the most complicated kind of apps to be designed if we talk to the upper level games, since they involve that much quality of the graphics as well as complicated programming. So these kind of gaming apps are naturaly costly by default. But the other side of designing games is that many of the games possess that amount of quality to literally addict people with that game and results in the getting an enoumous amount of traffic. Some of the examples of very addictive game apps are :
    • Clash of clans
    • PUBG
    • Angry birds
    • Productivity Apps :
    These kind of apps differ from a wide range varying from simple problem solving apps like Sheets, Acrobat, Docs etc to bigger problem solving apps like wallets/pay etc. You may think of these kind of apps as 'boring' but if once people start making use of them, then it becomes difficult for them to uninstall it after that. These may seem to you like the utility apps but these apps are more productive in the end time till a longer duration of period. Few examples are :
    • Evernote
    • Wunderlust
    • Acrobat
  5. Information / News Apps : As the name suggests these kind of apps are used to share information or the sharing of news among individuals / society / nation or across the globe. Their layout needs to be very simple and understandable so that the user can have their look at all the top news happening around in one glance. Including this, a side by side advertisement related to the news as an offer can also be added in these kind of apps. People literally start loving these kind of apps and may even start sharing the information if once the contents of any particular app starts touching their heart. The videos (properly licenced by you only) integrated with youtube can also be added to the app which may lead to increase the simplification of spreading of the content. Few examples of these kind of apps are:
    • Google News
    • Smartnews
    • Feedly
    • Reddit

Now particularly we focus of 3 categories of devices where we can develop our apps :

  1. Android App Development :

    Maximum of the apps made currently in the IT sector are android apps since they consist of 85% of the market share in the current trend. Even the programmers stay more interested in developing the android apps since the ios apps are mostly used only by the high society people and the people who want minimum bugs in their apps. Even we all know about the alarming growth in the price of the Iphone and ios devices. So, in this kind of condition, the buyers of cell phones normally look at the maximum featured phones available at the lowest prices, which pulls them back to the android market. So, android applications naturally work better at the updated android mobile versions only and can be made available in the google app playstore via some little amount of investment.Also, the rules and policies for uploading these apps on playstore are not that strict so they can easily be monitized in the market. But if you are thinking to develop any kind of android application then you need to make your app completely bug free as you need to build your trust of your users on your app, since with the minimization of the restrictions, it makes more and more apps available for the users for doing any particular task and with certain variety as well. So they will always choose the best of the best ones only. All of the programming languages being used in our android applications are in their updated versions and work with 90% of the android devices available in the market.

  2. I-Phone (iOS) App Development:

    This is the most expensive but unique categorization of apps being made in the current IT sector trend. Since the increased security validations and check ups before releasing them on the iOS playstore makes it difficult for programmers to program the app completely bug free and it increses the price of the apps as well. But if youare thinking of developing your app for iOS platform then there is an advantage for you as well. Since we all know that compared to android, iOS has less client base in the market and only rich people are the users of these kind of cellphones. So, they keep limited number of apps in their phones and very precised ones only. So, it needs only one time for your app to get a place in their phones afterwards the app may become inhabited with their lifestyle. It takes less time to iOS users for becoming addictive to your app as compared to android users if the app keeps that much potential. All of the programming languages being used in our iOS applications are in their updated versions and work with 90% of the iOS devices available in the market.

  3. Windows App Development:

    Windows had a pathetic history when compared to android or Apple iOS since they had very limited ecosystem in the market. Windows had been a nice platform when they were being operated on laptops since we all know about the softwares and games we had played on our Windows XPs or 2000. But the current market share has a grwoing trend towards the mobile applications and more than 90% of the population focus on working with mobile devices than sitting on bulky laptops. The windows market share is currently not getting its pace in the mobile devices as their apps provide very less features as compared to the android and apple devices. All of the programming languages being used in our Windows applications are in their updated versions and work with 90% of the Windows devices available in the market.



We believe almost everyone loves to look themselves at the top of the search engine lists. If anybody wants to search something out of so many of the similar things and if your website starts appearing at the front in the google, yahoo or bing page listing, so you definitely will get benefitted with much bigger amount of customers than your previous experiences. Our self designed websites stay by default search engine optimized but if you want to optimize any of your current or previous working websites, then we have this feature available too and within the given specific time. After the completion of our projects, we just demand you to give us valuable ratings and feedbacks at the same search engine places so as we can look up at our ratings too. This all justifies the authentication of our promises made to our customers and we value each one of them. Categories of SEO Servicing:

1. Short Keywords -

Keywords having only one or two words will be considered as the short keywords but these are very effective if the word selection gets too accurate and with increased search frequency, the results displaying will definitely display your websiteas well. It all depends on the bidding and the selection of your words and requires more accuracy than long keywords. Chances are that the short keywords contain higher prices than long keywords.

2. Long Keywords -

Keywords having more than three keywords are considered as long keywords. The chances of coming to top via this keyword is more for you since less number of people type the exact words as mentioned in your keyword but still if it is found more relevant to the search list related to your business then we can try them also.

3. Content Marketing -

In the present IT sector, "content is the king". The more distinct and accurate your content will be, the bigger amount of traffic you will get on your website. It demands a lot of thinking process as well. Instead of the content being unique, we will also require the appropriate word setup in that content so as to make the keywords visible inside that.



As a Graphics Designer, it requires a heck of imaginations for making a small business even to look like a brand. This field also consists of some magic of unseen technicality which the designer only can express in the form of small portions of their colour combinations or the smoothness of their banners, posters, logos, templates etc. The logo should be so powerful to describe the entire website in the visitors mind in one go. And thats the point where we approach to you. Our team consists of the best graphics designers who always will stay in your touch as and when required from the beginning till the completion of your project. Categories of graphics designing:

1. Regular Logo -

A basic logo to be placed for your website is like your company's signature. Whenever you make your products, the more efficient the design of your logo is, the more attention it gets through your visitors. A basic logo is mandatory for any kind of business.

2. Specialized Logo -

We also make specialized logo on your request by chance if you are more concentrated towards some kind of logo that needs to be unique then we place your order to a special section of our company dedicated to make your logo as special as it can be.

3. Flex / Banner Designing -

Now a lot of our employees require banners for their company many times since they need to promote their offers in the form of creative content written inside big banners or may be a flex designating their company. So, this section includes that service in it.



Digital Marketing is all about the tactics involved to create the content which is compact but fully containing the exact message which you want to provide to your customers regarding your business and how they can take proper servicing from you. If this digital marketing is done properly then it can bring your customers back to you everytime you might be thinking of loosing your business. It requires quite too many ideas but each and every content or visual based content should be made with proper branding technique and the implementation should be done at a proper platform

We use social platforms (like facebook, instagram etc) as well for the digital marketing tactics so as to reach that amount of customers for your business.

We handle all your issues regarding these sort of problems and help you in gaining the advantage in your market share. Digital / Social Media Marketing (Organic) Categories:

1. Content based -

The content based marketing includes the text content basically with little inclusion of graphics and creativeness so as to reach the content to more viewers on social platforms.

2. Animation Marketing -

The animational video to be promoted for the viewers regarding your business so as to gain the visitors and emotional attachment of your customers.

3. Promotional Video -

A short video of some employee or your leads for the purpose of explaining your business and the benefits you are providing to your customers.