Why do you need a website ?

"Is a website really necessary for my company ?"

Does this question hits your mind many times while continuing your current business offline or sitting quietly during your work hour ? Or you might be very new in the field of business and you stay confused as how to expand your business in minimum amount of time?
Then you are at a correct place.

A website can solve your minimum requirements as well as justifying your online presence in front of the society and even your customers get more benefited from that. Since we are staying in 21st century so, people are very lazy these days. They just want to grab maximum information about your quality and quantity of products without moving anywhere away from their homes. A website solves the problem of making your clients / customers aware of the kind of service which you are providing and pointing out the differences how you are better than those other marketeers whose service might not sound that much better to them.

Added to this, a website even puts a customer attach to your company on a permanent basis. Since if someone takes a service through your website once and he liked that, he will surely be looking up to your service only the next time if he ever falls on to the need of that.

"A Website is like your Visiting Card anytime you can make use of it."

Why you should choose AnW Mark for designing your website ?

Currently we have very limited number of clients. There is no compulsion for you to choose AnW Mark only. There might be several companies in India which provide website designing and development integrated with/without Content Management System. But we believe a good company should focus on the growth and development of its clients on a permanent basis and should take care of every responsibility of the service being assigned to it. We, as a team believe in the fact of maintaining a client friendly environment in our company and try to take proper steps in maintaining the website as per the client requirements. We take care of management, security and privacy of your content and making your business reach to your appropriate audience.

Why do you need a mobile app ?

We all know about the growth and development of the current market trend of mobile phones is much higher than those of laptops and bigger devices like tablets etc. So people prefer to use the handy mobile phones as they feel it more convenient and faster to open the apps as compared to websites. Now, while making applications, it takes a lot of programming as well and even for swiping functions and inflating pages, the requirement of the knowledge of programming is quite bigger. Yet, your customers definitely will feel more sticky with your company once they start using your own mobile application rather than going through the websites.

"A good app is like an energy in your hands where work is done just with the few touches of your fingers"

An app can solve all your communication and trust related issues since the customer can look at the quality and the speed of the product being delivered to them, they can select proper appointment dates and also can look at the quality of the service and may check if their feedbacks are being pointed and noted down or not.

Need of Search Engine Optimization ?

If you are a beginner or an intermediate player in the field of making and designing your own website or application, then you should be completely aware of the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as this is the basic factor responsible for the ranking and visibility of your website or apps to your customers. Now, it was a case study that 99% of the people who search about anything in the google, they never go to the third page and never visit the websites placed on the third page of google listing.

"A better rank always makes you more visible to the people around you"

Now, this is a big issue, since your online market share is too much going to depend on the fact that your online presence is being felt by the customers around you and across the area which you want to cover. Hence, optimizing the site/app after being completely developed comes to our priority. All of our websites and applications are Search engine friendly. Our consultant will provide a live demo regarding this factor once our meeting gets fixed.

Need of Graphics Designing :

Graphics designing in itself is in huge need for your company website/app as it helps in making your website content and app content to look fresh with time, it demands the picture quality and the graphical impact which your app sets in the mind of your customer since it decides the image of the company being made. Every business owner small or big definitely needs to display his/her business in an impactful way where the logo of the company gets highlighted in the mind and makes its own room so that whenever they feel themselves in any sort of difficulty, that logo should keep the potential to attract the customer towards your business.

"A design in the absence of content is not design. Its DECORATION."

Also, the banners made by our graphic designers possess a deep impactful message regarding the quality of the service which is being provided in your company and we also try to create an emotional touch in our banners so that the customers start feeling a genuine need of taking your service. The banners and posters to be made will be decided as per the norms been discussed in our meeting.

Social media and Digital Marketing :

Digital Marketing indulged with social media marketing is in trend since past 10 years but its marketing sector has currently started taking up its pace with the evolution of more and more social media platforms like Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat, tumblr etc. As we can find various different communities and groups of people on social media which come together for a particular social cause, these platforms create a great connection between people and their sources so if we pinched any of your marketing offer at a correct community and at the correct time, it creates a major hype of your market and helps your market to attain its place. Also the paid promotions also help us in creating our monopoly.

"If your content isn't driving conversation, you are doing it wrong."

But, we first create the content of your promotions with our regular meetings and then decide the perfect banners which will be used for the promotion. Animation Promotion and Promotional Video adds to our current trending features in our company which we use in our digital marketing scheme.